Saturday, August 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hello friends! It is late Saturday night, the 16th of August, and tonight is my last "summer night" before school starts. Vacation this past week with my family in PA was wonderful! Relaxing, enjoyable, refreshing to the body and soul. In fact, my cold seemed to clear up quite fast once I got out into the clear and fresh mountain air.

Soon I will be sharing photos from our vacation, which was also during my parents 41st Anniversary...congratulations again mom and dad! For now, just some brief, random thoughts.

The Olympics have been incredible to watch this year. Growing up, I can remember watching them, especially mesmerized by the ice skaters in the winter, and gymnasts in the summer. Those were my two child-hood dreams before music began to be my life. I have several friends at WVU who are natives of Asian countries, some of China. I have taken some time to face book a few of them and their enthusiasm and pride for this year's Olympics bubbles over, and makes me so happy to see someone aside from America experience the pride that comes with hosting the Olympics. I am currently typing with my eyes and watching out with my ears for Michael Phelps, to see if he will break the world record with 8 medals tonight.

Our vacation consisted of canoing, biking, hiking, camp fires, a few rainy moments (the first night my tent got soaked so badly I had to sleep in my parent's tent and wait to dry everything out again the following day), book reading and other leisurely activities, and of course eating out. We were very happy to have my brother Nick come and vacation with us most of the week, which also included playing a couple of board games....he ALWAYS wins Monopoly!!!!!

I think I'm pretty well organized and ready for school to start now. Today was filled with more laundry, a hair appointment, shopping, catching up with several friends, and organization. The only reassurance to me starting my DMA, is that I have several friends starting with me, who are just as apprehensive, and knowing that God will be with me all the way. It will be a great experience, but I don't like this waiting's just making me nervous.

I have to go several ways. Tomorrow a piano student of mine, senior in high school, who is also a talented voice student, will be singing at my church. She and her mother are meeting me in the morning so I have to hit the sack!!!

More (and hopefully more interesting) news soon :)