Sunday, December 28, 2008

All about the Baby

I have decided that babies are THE MOST PRECIOUS creatures on earth....and I can't wait till the day I have some of my own :) Until then, I am taking a lot of joy in my friend's children...This post is all about my best friend Sarah's newest little baby boy, Isaiah Micahel, born on Tuesday December 23rd around 8:47 a.m. and weighing in at 8 pounds, 4 oz. He LOVES to eat. He coos and moves his eyes around when he hears your voice. He cries very little. Sarah, her mother, my mom, myself and the baby went out tonight to Applebees. He slept the WHOLE WAY through!! So anyways, these pics are from today, at only 5 days old. Enjoy and feel free to say "aaawww!!!" as many times as you feel necessary :)

Getting ready for my outing with the girls
Checking out this new person
She's not so bad...she fed me & burped me! Now I can sleep again.
Sleeping before my first "night out on the town"
Meeting Elizabeth's mom. These two girls are already fighting over me!
Nobody does it like Grandma does :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

SURPRISE!!! Elizabeth got a digital camera for Christmas! Yipee!! I've been having fun learning how to use it...and FINALLY my blog has pics now!!! Mom and I are hoping to see baby Isaiah today (see below for my 1st pic with him). Hopefully I'll be down-loading a bunch more after our visit. Enjoy these photos and Happy New Years!!!
Nick and Myself, saying goodbye...that coat was definitely UNnecessary today...70 degree weather!!

Saying goodbye to my brother 12/27 (Dad, Nick, Mom)
The only Etnoyer who could have cared less it was Chrismas :)

Baby Audra at 10 months--friends stopped by to surprise us on Christmas!

Isaiah Michael and "Aunt Elizabeth"--2 days old Christmas day!

Etnoyer's Christmas Tree...and my piano's side-profile :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

6 Days Til' Christmas

Tell me someone. Am I the only one shocked that Christmas is only 6 days away? I'm so glad it's coming, but also a little sad because I know in 7 days it will be over til' next year! Here are some updates from me. Things I'm thankful for, happenings, not happenings, etc. :)

1. My brother Nick is home for Christmas. He hasn't been home for Christmas in 3 years (due to his job), so we are very happy to have him this year. All 5 of us will be here Christmas morning.

2. School is over and I got a 4.0 :) That makeups for knowing I needed to practice more. And now I'm looking forward to a new semester of less classes and more piano playing and recitals!!

3. In 2 days my friend's going to have her 3rd baby boy. That in itself is a reason to be really excited about the season. What a great reminder of Christmas!!!!

4. I was able to make it to my friend Jaime's house on a day when it didn't snow!!! We had a wonderful visit and the kids were so much fun to play with and the baby was irresistable to hold :)

5. I got my stuff moved out of my apartment....not happing...selling the place!!!! I'll keep praying about it and would appreciate help in the prayer department there too!!! It's nice to have my things home again though.

6. Not happening: Lots of "down time". And I wouldn't have it any other way :) It's actually been a nice balance of Christmas shopping, games, visits, and then down-time watching movies, talking, S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G!!!! Just not too much down-time to the point where I get antsy.

7. My church's children's Christmas play was adorable! They did such a great job. And this Sunday we'll be singing the adult cantata. Plus, I get to play a beautiful arrangement of a Christmas song with a friend who plays violin, while the congregation sings. It should be a nice addition to the service.

8. For once, not swiping the credit card to erase the guilt of not buying enough Christmas presents is actually allowing me to relax more and remember the true meaning of Christmas. I'm learning that time with my family, cooking, making memories, is a lot more valuable to me than wrapping and opening gifts. And I seem less stressed too staying away from all of the frenzy!!!

9. I am very thankful that I didn't get sick once this whole semester!! (Knock on wood!). My parents and I all had the flu before school started in August. Since then I've felt a few oncoming bugs but they've disapeared! Maybe I'm starting to learn the importance of sleep, even when I am overly busy, and that's helping keep my immunity up.

10. A warm house, food to eat, clothes to wear, family and friends, an education, jobs, solitude, pets, utilities,....ok. I know that's a really random list. It's just that I've had some close-encounters recently with loved ones who are struggling to meet the basic necessities. I guess it's just teaching me not to take advantage of even the most basic needs.

If I don't get pictures up here soon, Merry Christmas to everyone! Next time I get some good pics (hopefully Christmas day) I'll do my best to share them.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Shortest Post

My shortest post I've made of late
Quickly learning to savor each day
Practice for hours and let go of stress
Sit in the quiet and learn how to rest

Don't be distressed cause life's sometimes a mess
Just be content that it's all for the best

Trust in the Lord in all that you do
Forget your mistakes and know He loves you

When you feel clumsy ask God for His grace
And when you feel scared ask Him for more faith

Forget about yesterday and look to tomorrow
Praise God for the blessings and let go of sorrow

Enjoy this moment for it won't last for long
and reach out to others in action and song

When someone attempts to tell you your wrong
Consider the thought, but don't hold it for long

Many will push you with worries and frets
Just pray for the insight to know good from wrong
And live your life joyfully without any regrets

Happy Advent Season. I hope this finds you each enjoying the season and anticipating the celebreation of Christ's birth.