Sunday, October 24, 2010

Olga Kern!

Today I had the privilege of hearing and seeing UP CLOSE Olga Kern perform Rachmaninov's First Piano Concerto with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at WVU. I have waited many years to hear this pianist in person. For those of you unfamiliar with this name, she was one of two pianists who tied for 1st place---the 1st tie in the history of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition which is held every 4 years in Houston, Texas (Or...Dallas?!). Anyways, she won this competition/tied way back in probably 2002 (so, I would have been about 19 years old). My best friend Sarah watched the re-run of it with me on t.v. and remembers how exciting it was even then.

She is a great inspiration to me as a pianist. After the concert, during intermission, she was doing signings and photos. A friend from my piano studio graciously took this picture for me and I will cherish it! I had no idea I was going to get to sit RIGHT UP FRONT---front row, perfect seating to watch her hands and hear every little detail so clearly. Anyone who has been in WVU's Clay Theatre knows it is quite large and the difference sitting that close to the orchestra was night and day in terms of clarity, detail, and just the inspiration of feeling the intimacy of a performance that close-up! Just wanted to share my picture with you all :)

Friday, September 24, 2010


I just thought of posting my recital dates here on my page for anyone who doesn't get e-mails from me and is curious and interested in coming!

Tuesday November 16th at 8:15 p.m. DMA Chamber Recital
Beethoven Sonata for Piano & Violin in C Minor (Elizabeth Etnoyer, Molly Christie)
Brahms Sonata No. 1 for Piano & Cello in E Minor (Elizabeth Etnoyer, Sara Beattie)
Piazzolla: 3 Pieces (Primavera, and most likely yet still undecided: Oblivion & La Muerte del Angel)

Saturday December 4th at 6:00 p.m. DMA Solo Recital
J. S. Bach Prelude & Fugue in G minor, Well-Tempered Clavier Book II
L. v. Beethoven Sonata in E-flat Major, Op. 81a "Les Adieux" (this means 'goodbye')
F. Chopin Polonaise in F-Sharp Minor
William Bolcom "3 Ghost Rags": Graceful Ghost, Poltergeist, Dream Shadows
Claude Debussy "Images": Reflets dans l'eau, Hommage a Rameau, Mouvement
R. Korsakow "Hummelflug: Flight of the Bumblebee (arr. by Joseph Strimer)

Both recitals will be in Bloch Recital Hall in the Creative Arts Center at West Virginia University. Please RSVP if coming! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today I found the solution to letting go of my worries.




I have literally spent all morning and afternoon just taking care of dogs (house-sitting) and practicing piano, and organ....and now, I don't have the brain power to worry about anything except how good my mattress feels :)

And then Wake UP and PRACTICE SOME MORE! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Figuring out Life

I had someone who I deeply admire tell me recently that I should consider whether God is calling me to journal my life to share with others. Now, if you read my blog, you're probably thinking "what?" Because I don't write on a blog like I would a paper or a book. The truth is, I think I've been handed down my mom's gift for writing. But, when I'm on here it's more like a page for me to 'dump' my thoughts---to put it VERY non-poetically :)

Anyways, the title is fitting here because this is what's been really occupying my time lately. Yes, I've been busy working, house-sitting, cleaning up dog pooh, balancing my daily duties of teaching piano, school, work at church, etc. But the whole time, it feels like I'm walking through clouds just trying to 'figure out life'.

I wonder how many of us feel that way so often. We like to think we have things all figured out. We say things like "God knows all things and I trust Him" or, "I've learn to expect the unexpected". But, the truth is, while God does know all things and we do need to trust Him, it really doesn't help us 'figure out' life. We gain insight. We grow deeper in our wisdom and in our faith. But, so much of it still just doesn't make sense. And, not always but, so often much of it hurts.

I heard a Christian artist say, when speaking of their many life trials they've been walking through that what they've learned in all of it is to 'sit in your trouble' and 'wait for God'. This is exactly where I'm at right now.

I'm not really ready to blog about all of my 'stuff' but, I will say this. I'm learning to see others even more clearly. I'm learning that facades are more transparent than we like to think they are. And, I'm learning that in an odd way, all the 'stuff' we all go through is a blessing. Because, it brings us closer together. It teaches us that we are all human. We are all 'clueless' in a sense. And, we are ALL in need of a Savior. For some odd reason, I find comfort in knowing that those around me are just as 'lost' as I am. It feels like a game we all play day in and day out. We put on 'faces' for our jobs, our families, or friends. But, we all know we're just playing the 'game' together. And when things come up that challenge us in our walks, we realize that we don't have to play. We can just be ourselves, flaws and all.

Today I visited my piano :) I noticed as I started to play that my emotions were hiding in my daily 'busyness'. So, my challenge for myself this week is to achieve this goal of being a poet. But, at the piano, not on paper.

How do you express yourself? Is there something you love doing that helps you feel like you can take off your 'mask'? Whatever that is, I encourage you to do it. Because, we all need reminded of our humanness and that in that reality there is beauty too and, also a lot that we can learn from each other.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

5K and Pictures!!!!

BRENDA MICHELLE: 5 weeks old, sleeping in the car : )

I'll admit it. I was TOTALLY loving this!!

Mommy's arms....the best place to be :)

Brenda, "Hm, this is a new face!"

Me holding baby Brenda right after finishing my 1st 5k!

YOU think changing diapers stinks....just try being a baby (I think there is probably a good reason we don't remember our infant days! :)

Quiet time with food and Mommy.....ahh

As you can see, yesterday was a very fun-filled day with a very beautiful little baby girl....a little girl that I know my friend has been waiting YEARS for. See, I remember a certain evening about 8 years ago. I met this very nice red-headed girl, about my age, in my college girls dorm. We immediately became fast friends. I had been praying for a close friend ( I only had one or two at the college) and she was praying for a good friend, being a new college freshman.

I have to take just a moment to brag on this friend of mine, Malorie. See, there are NOT a lot of people like her in the world. In the time that I've known her, here are just a FEW of her very note-worthy, and rather interesting accomplishments
1) She took a missions trip (2 I believe) to Bulgaria. Aside from her love for the Lord, she shared this love with the natives in a very sincere, self-sacrificing way. Not once but BOTH TIMES she returned from the country with a practically empty suit-case and the clothes on her back. Was she mugged? NO! Did her luggage get lost in air-port security? NO AGAIN! She had such compassion on these people that she couldn't go home with any of her clothes, feeling too frivolous. She gave them all way. Not only that but she gave her guitar away too! (BOTH TIMES!) The second time people told her she was crazy. She replied that God provided her with a guitar the first time and if He wanted her to have one again, He'd do it again. Sure enough, a mysterious check came in the mail one day, for just enough money to buy the guitar---and the mystery as to how she got this money was never solved....except WE knew!

2) Most girls spend hours shopping for that PERFECT dress for a college-dance. A really talented young lady might even make her own. Malorie beat them all with her amazing DUCK-TAPED dress! That's right, from the dress right down to the purse, it was ALL made of duck-tape. And, it didn't look half bad!

3) The rubber-band ball. This started out as a small project, meant to help her get her mind off some very stressful hard times in her life and occupy her mind and her fingers. It quickly turned into a MASSIVE BALL that can only be rolled around because it's too heavy to pick up. It is held together by nothing other than rubber-bands. She would like to beat the world-record but even if she doesn't, it's still VERY IMPRESSIVE.

4) She is one of the most honest, loving and accepting friends I've ever had. After I helped her through some years of college temptation, she quite literally dragged me back to church when I started to slip from my faith. Her faith in the Lord and desire to please Him and bring others to Him, is what makes her such a special person.

5) And above ALL of these crazy, admirable, interesting things, of which I could add much more (like the hot-red/orange hair-do she let the Bulgarian Gypsies give her :) her newest, tiniest most beautiful and proud accomplishment is bringing Baby Brenda Michelle Scott into the world on July 2nd. For years we have shared in our desire to become mommies and wives. It was such a joy to hold this baby yesterday, give her kisses, introduce her to her new "Aunt Lizzy" :) and see the love and pride in her mother's eyes. You've got to love this little baby---with her curious eyes, her mom and dad's head full of red hair, her sweet little lips and fingers and toes. What's NOT to love?

On a separate note, that last picture didn't really match all of the baby pictures! That was all of the winners of the DeBerry 19th Family Reunion 5K! This was my very first 5K run! I came in 2nd place in my age-group and finished at 34 minutes and 6 seconds! Half of the race was literally up-hill which definitely made things more difficult! But, it was a wonderful experience that I really enjoyed and am looking forward to doing more in the future! I'm very proud of my DeBerry Family Reunion medal that is hanging over my mirror now to remind me every morning to get out and run faster!!! :) I also should mention, for the sake of good sportsmanship, that Malorie's husband Aaron (who is in his early twenties, tall, thin and works out in the Air Force! Won the overall with a 25 minute 10 second record. Congrats Aaron but you better keep runnin' cause I'm catching up with you next year.....mooohaahaaa!!!!!!! :) :)

Hope you all enjoyed the pics and have a wonderful remainder of's too nice to stay inside!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat Wave 2010

I would like to start this post with an opportunity to vote.
1) To get more comments on my site :)
2) Because I'm REALLY CURIOUS!

Which would you prefer?
A) A very cold winter with beautiful snow. Warm blankets and hot coco to keep you warm.
B) A HOT! Summer, like most of us are experiencing this week---with pools and ice cream to cool you down.

I for one vote for summer. I'm amazed at all those people who would prefer the you remember your cars being stuck in the snow, the decreased amount of day-light hours accompanied by many people suffering depression from lack of sunlight? How about the icy roads, down power-lines from top-heavy trees, chapped lips and hands, that urge to 'go to the movies, go to the mall, go ANYWHERE but wait, you don't want to because you have to put on your boots, hat, gloves, coat, and about 10 other layers. To me, this is a NO BRAINER!!! BUT, I really do want to know what YOU think.

4th of July was fun this year. After an extremely busy morning at church I had a loooong nap (it took me 3 attempts to wake up!) Finally, waking up smelling brownies (which was really WEIRD by the way because nobody was making brownies but I thought my mom might be making some when I got home....and indeed she WAS!!!!! So, upon getting home we had a nice family cook-out. Dad, Mom and I drove to Shinnston to see 'the best fireworks in the area' haha!! They were pretty good...would have been better had we been closer but we enjoyed them just the same. Mom and I spent about 20 minutes sitting in our car in the dark on our back-WV country roads waiting to take pictures of just ONE Firework!! (UNSUCCESSFUL!!!) We saw some great ones, anyways.

Mom and I picked up ice cream and took home for us to have with her brownies. Around midnight I went swimming at my friend Sarah's house---just me and her---in their new pool---with the boys all asleep in bed :) :) Her wonderful husband even warmed up our beach towels in the dryer and delivered them to us!! (It's very cold, even in July when the sun goes down!!!

Today I went to the Wave-Tech Pool in Fairmont with Sarah, Christian, Luke and my Dad. This evening I enjoyed a nice fresh pot-luck dinner my mom made at home and got back to Morgantown just in time to hear a summer piano recital and wish my piano teacher off on his trip to Malaysia.

So often I'm wondering 'who will I marry? when will I marry? What kind of guy do I want to marry? Well, tonight I've decided at least 1 thing. If I could marry a season, it would be SUMMER. Me and Summer (Summer and I!) get along just great :) I would even be willing to 're-locate' to live with Summer....year round. :) Sounds like a happy marriage to me!

-Elizabeth 'MARY' Summer......does not my name say it ALL???!!! :) (a certain blogging friend might be somewhat disturbed at the other memories that come to mind with the adoption of this name :) lets leave the 's' off the end, shall we?!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Baking Time!

Sometimes it's just time to bake some cookies! :) This is my first ever home-made batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies. They contain:
Hershey's semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels
Baking soda
Vanilla Extract
Light Brown Sugar
White Sugar

And they taste MMMMM GOOD! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Movies and More

I have always been a movie-junkie. Sometimes too much. It occurred to me that I should start blogging about some of the really good ones that I've seen. Ones that I thought others might enjoy seeing as well and are maybe not as widely known. I will be upfront about what I did and didn't like.

"Smile"~(PG-13)There are some issues here with parenting. Katie, a teenage girl who thinks she might be ready to have sex gets away with more than she should due to her parents constant arguing. But, that's not at ALL what the movie is about and it is good to know that the girl decides on her own that she's NOT ready. The movie is really about a girl named Lin from China who was born with a cleft lip. Katie and Lin were born on the same day but live two very different lives---one in L.A. as a spoiled teen and another sheltered by her father who was abandoned by his wife and son for taking in the adopted deformed girl (Lin) as an infant. The movie is extremely touching as Katie goes on a missions trip to China where she takes it upon herself to meet Lin in person and finally talk her into having the surgery she's wanted her whole life. It really makes the experience of 'being there' on a missions trip---not just hearing about it, very realistic. (As a side note, having never been on a missions trip but having studied abroad myself, I think Katie's character does a great job of portraying how scary the experience of traveling that far away from home can really be!) It also shows how both girls lives are drastically changed because they were brave enough to try something new (traveling 1/2 way across the world to do something totally selfless and having a major surgery where others would see her face that she hid her entire life). I give this movie 2 thumbs up!

2nd favorite recently watched movie "As It Is in Heaven".
Things I did NOT like about this movie: There are two or three scenes with total female nudity----it's a European movie (Swedish more specifically) and those Europeans aren't afraid to 'show it' by any means. My mom actually watched the movie and wanted to share it with our family until we got to those scenes and she said, "FORGET IT!" However, I will also say that my mother was BALLING by the end of this movie----and I didn't want to admit it but I watched it twice in one week--the second time with her--and I cried both times too!

I also find the pastor's wife's concept of God and sin to be very disturbing and unbiblical. You come to understand why she believes what she believes---because she has been hurt deeply. But nevertheless, it does not fairly or accurately portray who exactly God is. The statement "There is no such thing as sin" seems to stand out in my mind!!

Why do I love this movie so much? Well, it's about a Swedish man who has to retire from his very accomplished career as a conductor at an early age because of health. He returns to his small home-town in Sweden where he reluctantly chooses to take over the position of choir director for a very small volunteer church choir. Not only did I find his approach to working with the choir amusing and educational (having experience in this myself and coming from a classical background!) but, what he teaches them, what they teach each other and what he learns from the experience is invaluable. In a nutshell, the title is fitting in that they learn to love each other not just in words but in action loving each other as we can imagine it would be in heaven. It highlights the ugly, pathetic human side of people BUT, in that it also shows what real compassion looks like. I can't tell you the end of this one but I do recommend you watch it (maybe fast-forward through the inappropriate parts).

Two movie reviews in the looooong 'Elizabeth version' is probably enough for one night :)

What else have I been up to? Well, I'm coming up on my 4th Sunday at my new church organ position. I'm house-sitting for the pastor this coming week and hosting a whole bunch of people there for one night! I'm babysitting for a women's bible study group next week. Teaching piano (not very busy in the summer but there are a few good students who didn't quit on me for the summer!! :) Hmm...I've spent a lot of time job searching and have some interesting prospects.

I was thinking of moving my piano/re-arranging my apartment tonight. I went for a long (almost 1 hour) bike ride alone on the rails-to-trails tonight, right before dark. I haven't decided yet whether I'll move the furniture and piano or not. I just see my piano teacher laughing in my mind. He knows that would be just like me to spend more time re-arranging my room than sitting on the piano bench and practicing!!!! In my defense---the piano is REALLY out of tune right now and playing it makes me want to cry for it :) The movie made me cry enough for one night! :)

If anyone has anything they would like to see me blog more about, please let me know! Of course this is my blog---my time---my space---so, I just do it for enjoyment. But, I could use some fresh ideas and input!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Happenings

Dear Friends,

I just learned today that the first day of summer is still a week away. They could have fooled me...I thought we were already there! :) I realized April to June was just a little too long to not put up a new post!

This past weekend I had a wonderful visit with my friend Jaime and her three kids and new baby girl. My mom and I enjoyed the time together as well. It amazes me that no matter how many babies come into the world every day, when you hold one and look at their tiny fingers and tiny toes and there sweet little mouths, you realize all over what a gift from God they are. It also amazes me that we ALL came into the world this way! Totally helpless, innocent, and dependent on the love of our mothers. What a wonderful gift to have a wonderful mother and also to be one! I truly can't wait until I reach that point in my life. I believe that is my calling one day and my friends have really inspired me through sharing their experiences and challenges of parenting.

Anyways, I have some absolutely precious pics from our visit and I want to share them!! I also have other pictures I would like to share with you.
Leanna Rose born on 5/30/10~almost 2 weeks old
I've always been told how small my hands are....not next to her though!
The proud big sister ;)
This is one tolerant and sleepy baby!
My Mom and Leanna
Her hands were like this forever...this is her relaxed state..hehe :)
Mama and her girls :)
Jaime was so nice to let me dress up her little doll baby :) I put this little white and blue dress on her and the barrette needs some more hair to stay put but, we thought we would play dress-up anyways :)

A couple of weeks ago I went to Virginia Beach for a couple of days. The moon was beautiful over the ocean.
My good friend Malorie opening up a gift box from my mother---gifts for baby Brenda who is due very soon! Mom got her her very 1st baby doll! :)
My hair is a mess but it's's the beach and I look relaxed and happy :)

Busch Gardens: One of the coasters

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here is a nice calming color-purple :) Why? Because I SHOULD be sleeping right now but, I'm in a blogging/internet surfing mood :)

These are TOTALLY random pictures :)

Exhibit A) A Frog on my computer...well inside my computer...well, not exactly...a PICTURE of a frog inside my computer...oh forget it :)

B) Me trying to take a picture of myself and look natural---not like a geek that just took a picture of herself :)

C)Part of our MTNA chapter that ate out at Applebees Tuesday night---they clearly weren't looking at MY camera during this :)
(Oh, and the only 'dude' in the pic is Pawatchai---he did a great job on his recital tonight...and definitely knows how to make a degree recital a good comedy act :) Only a Tai could pull that off!!

D)Stuffed peppers I made for dinner last Saturday night and got to eat after hearing the Pittsburgh Symphony at WVU w/ guest pianist Stephen Hoffman, performing a very rarely performed Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto # 2

If you have not heard this piece (even most professional musicians have not) you've GOT to listen to it!! Especially the concerto trio of the second movement... phenomenal!

Well, off to bed now...enough randomness to put one to sleep :)


Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Nice Visit and some other things

Today I had a nice visit with a friend I haven't seen in quite a while, and her oldest child. Since I know she reads my blog occasionally, thank you for coming to visit!! Here are a couple pictures from today. We had nice strawberry chocolate smoothies & soup, picnic style in my living room :)

This picture, for my mom, is of my new printer. In case you want to look it up yourself, it's an HP Color LaserJet CP1510. I also rearranged a couple of book cases to accommodate this since it's too heavy to sit on top of the book shelf like the other one was. If anyone is in the market for a new printer, I have a nice scanner/copier/printer that just cost too much on ink. I'm keeping it on hand until somebody wants it or as a spare for scanning and copying.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Happy Easter everyone. Today is the most significant day of the calendar year for Christians. Like Beth Moore said, "Even if Jesus had been born and lived and done all of the wonderful things he did, and died for us, still, NONE of it would have counted, had he not RISEN" (loosely quoted). So, let's celebrate today, and every day, that nothing is impossible to conquer because Jesus already conquered all of it for us on the cross. That's how much God loves us!

It's been a while and time to share some pictures! The two above are especially for Mom, part of our Easter tradition :) Below are my cantata pictures someone took for me during the service, and lots of pics of yesterday's day at the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Have a blessed Easter