Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Figuring out Life

I had someone who I deeply admire tell me recently that I should consider whether God is calling me to journal my life to share with others. Now, if you read my blog, you're probably thinking "what?" Because I don't write on a blog like I would a paper or a book. The truth is, I think I've been handed down my mom's gift for writing. But, when I'm on here it's more like a page for me to 'dump' my thoughts---to put it VERY non-poetically :)

Anyways, the title is fitting here because this is what's been really occupying my time lately. Yes, I've been busy working, house-sitting, cleaning up dog pooh, balancing my daily duties of teaching piano, school, work at church, etc. But the whole time, it feels like I'm walking through clouds just trying to 'figure out life'.

I wonder how many of us feel that way so often. We like to think we have things all figured out. We say things like "God knows all things and I trust Him" or, "I've learn to expect the unexpected". But, the truth is, while God does know all things and we do need to trust Him, it really doesn't help us 'figure out' life. We gain insight. We grow deeper in our wisdom and in our faith. But, so much of it still just doesn't make sense. And, not always but, so often much of it hurts.

I heard a Christian artist say, when speaking of their many life trials they've been walking through that what they've learned in all of it is to 'sit in your trouble' and 'wait for God'. This is exactly where I'm at right now.

I'm not really ready to blog about all of my 'stuff' but, I will say this. I'm learning to see others even more clearly. I'm learning that facades are more transparent than we like to think they are. And, I'm learning that in an odd way, all the 'stuff' we all go through is a blessing. Because, it brings us closer together. It teaches us that we are all human. We are all 'clueless' in a sense. And, we are ALL in need of a Savior. For some odd reason, I find comfort in knowing that those around me are just as 'lost' as I am. It feels like a game we all play day in and day out. We put on 'faces' for our jobs, our families, or friends. But, we all know we're just playing the 'game' together. And when things come up that challenge us in our walks, we realize that we don't have to play. We can just be ourselves, flaws and all.

Today I visited my piano :) I noticed as I started to play that my emotions were hiding in my daily 'busyness'. So, my challenge for myself this week is to achieve this goal of being a poet. But, at the piano, not on paper.

How do you express yourself? Is there something you love doing that helps you feel like you can take off your 'mask'? Whatever that is, I encourage you to do it. Because, we all need reminded of our humanness and that in that reality there is beauty too and, also a lot that we can learn from each other.


Jaime said...

Wow Liz, that was deep :)

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Jaime :) On that particular day, I sounded almost exactly like my piano teacher :) I guess after 6 1/2 years of studying with him I'm bound to start thinking and talking like him! :)

Sharon said...

I always knew that you had a heart that could touch people and make them feel good about themselves. God gave you that gift.

Love you,