Sunday, December 30, 2007


Just to beat myself at my own game, today I broke a new practice record. This week I totaled over 35 hours of practice!! Looking back on my practice log, at one point in time during the 2007 year, 35 hours was the total amount of practicing I put in over a 6 week period!!! I am proud of myself...what's more exciting is that I've confirmed I'm not dropping out of the competition next week. I'm not ready yet, but by next Saturday, I'm GOING to be!!! The other exciting part of this is that my arms, wrists and fingers are all still intact and not hurting as much as they were when I quit practicing a little while ago.

I'm sure many of you SOOO wanted to hear all about how much I practiced today...since I'm sure you had nothing more exciting going on!! Anyway, I'm done boasting...I will be humbled again when I start all over again tomorrow, new week, new year, and lots to still work on!!!

Thanks for reading my annoying post..and those of you who have been praying for me through this semester/recitals/competitions...etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I know I'm not really doing any of this on my own :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

Today was the longest practice day I've had in I don't even know when! Today went like this:

Wake up, practice
eat breakfast, take a walk, shower, straighten hair, clean up a bit
drive to morgantown
2 hour piano lesson
stop at store and drive home, eat pizza
practice...practice...practice...(a couple breaks in between)...more practice Ok, I think I'll quit now
just kidding...practice some more
ok, my hands and arms are hurting, I NEED to quit
not really, keep practicing
Ok, it's bed time now..go to bed
nope, everyone's still up...practice
And then FINALLY at almost 7 and a half long hours of piano, I QUIT!!!

Now, wasn't that inspiring??? HAHA!! :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The In Between

This moment in time is what I like to think of as the icing in between the oreo....Christmas is over (or at least the formal celebration of it is) and New Years is on it's're not sure if you should be happy that New Years is coming, or a little sad that Christmas is over.

During this sweet time of year when we all get to contemplate our new year's resolutions, and intend to procrastinate on them while we plan on new years party grociery shopping (I'm sure I'm not alone on this :), I too am joining in the fun. However, creating this blog spot was an extra special surprise for me. It had been a new years resolution for me, and at the end of this year, I'm finally making it come true!! Thanks SO MUCH to my friend Jaime for having her blog spot as an inspiration and guide on making my own. Tonight I have finally conquered the art of on-line communication, graduating from boring black and white e-mails to fun pages where I can share my experiences with friends. Somewhere in the abiss of internet, there is another page of 2 to my name out there..but I'm afraid they are lost me I'm just starting anew!

Ok, it's after midnight here (I'm a night owl as usual) so before this turns into the next Dicken's novel, let me just briefly introduce myself, or to those of you who already know me, give a brief explanation to my blog title.

lizzynliszt was the first thing that came to my mind, trying to tie together my name with something about me--for most of you this would be obvious...I'm a pianist. To be completely honest, the only music by Liszt that has come under my fingers, would be about half of his technical exercises (wonderful book for improving technique!!) and a couple of character pieces that I learned simply to teach in a master-class about 9 months ago. If my name was Betty, I could have done BettynBeethoven, or if it was Rachael I could have done RachelnRachmaninov.

Ok, enough with that. Secondly, a quick update on my life. I am a recent MM (Master of Music) graduate of WVU (West Virginia University) as of this month! WOOHOO!! I am currently working as an administrative temp. to the director of the Community Arts program at WVU until mid-February. I am also the music director (pianist and choral director) at my home church, Duff St. United Methodist (and I just had my membership transferred to this church to become an "official" member about 2 weeks ago). I also teach about 14 piano students, ranging from 4 years old to adults, but most of them are in elementary school. I also accompany vocal students at WVU on the side. Currently however, I am taking a sabatical from school and teaching, as right now I am preparing for the divisional MTNA Young Artist's competition that will be in 2 weeks at Penn State in State College, PA. I am honored to be a representative, but I've been practicing furiously lately trying to memorize and master my Chopin Concerto (no. 1 in e minor for any chopin fans :) , as well as maintaining my solo repertoire (Moussorgsky "Pictures at an Exhibition", Beethoven Sonata Op. 2 No. 3 in C Major, and Debussy "Lisle joyeuse". In addition, I was recently invited, after passing both prescreening processes, for interviews in both classroom piano teaching and vocal accompanying at Cincinnati Conservatory. So, once my competition is over, my focus will be on audition rep. (same solo music as above) and learning a full program of vocal rep. in 3 different languages (plus a couple in English) including learning to speak them!! This will be quite interesting to see how it turns out.

Outside of music, practicing, working, and all related things, I love to be outside! I hate to pass up a beautiful day to run or walk outside. I'm a big animal lover, although my kitty Tommy has more of my heart than our sweet dog Jack (both are very well behaved pets). I am also a HUGE fan of kids. I can't WAIT to get married someday, when the person and time is right, and have lots of kids :) I am a magnet to any friends of mine who have children. I guess this makes me a good friend as whenever one of them is pregnant, I'm the first looking for an excuse to go baby shopping!! In the past it has caused me some embarassing encounters...for instance, flash-back 3 years ago, senior year of college. I was out of my apartment when my roomate decided to have a party. When her friend's came over they saw a pile of diapers, baby clothes, etc. sitting in the living room. (at the time I had 3 friends all due the same week of december!!). My roomate, who was asked by her surprised friends if she was pregnant, quickly replied," Oh no! Those are Elizabeth's!" HA! Thankfully she further explained they were for Elizabeth's FRIENDS :)

Hmm, what else. I live in West Virginia, in a little town that not many people know of, and although I resented my parents moving me here as a teenager, this little state has braught me a lot of joy and fun meeting teachers, friends, and students who have all helped me to grow as a person spiritually, musically, and emotionally. I would not pass up my last 8 years here for anything.

Ok, that's enough for a first posting...I apologize for those who stuck this out and read the whole thing! I promise to be shorter in the future.



oh yeah and ONE more thing!! Don't be so hard on yourself with those resolutions!! You've got 365 days to get to them...just enjoy your holiday!! :) (I'm saying this to myself as much as I am to others)