Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy New Year! The last several weeks have been packed with events and fun, to say the least! I've dumped A LOT of pictures into this post. So, grab some hot coco and enjoy ;)

(My brother Dan and me at Thanksgiving)

Decorating my apartment for Christmas!

Black Friday/Early Christmas Present from Mom and Dad (and yes...I already have a cow-girl hat :)
First Day of Snow in Morgantown!

A new dish: Spinich/Ricotta Cheese (& some other stuff :) LASAGNA (yeah, this is a pretty random picture considering the overall Christmas/New Years theme here...oh well!! :)

Some members of my new chancel choir at Waynesburg 1st United Methodist Church (This past Sunday was my 90-day review/end of probation period. Already!!!)

While Nick was home for the week, for Christmas, we also had his belated birthday party (his birthday is in November near Thanksgiving)

Christmas with the family...all FIVE of us :) (well, 7 with Tommy (the cat) and Jack (the dog)
Dad got slippers! (this is a funny facial expression but trust me, he like them! :)

Mom FINALLY got her Digital Camera she's been wanting forever!! HAHA :) I made her wait a looong time before I gave it to her..she honestly didn't think she was going to get one...don't you love the "surprise" face :)

We each got a copy of the John Adams DVD Series. Good movie!

Dan happy with his presents (not sure which one this is :)

Score! I got Nick his "favorite" Christmas present! Waaaay back in July at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. What is it? A Zippo lighter. It also has the Apollo Mission Picture/emblem engraved on it and 40th anniversary since 2009 was 40 years for the KSC. Nick's dog's name is Apollo too so, this was the perfect gift! :)

Family Picture (Yes, I INSISTED Tommy be in the picture!)....the camera was set on the tri-pod so we could all be in it...by the time we got it right, Tommy obviously wasn't in the mood to have his picture taken, HA!

A picture of our back-yard in the winter (this picture might not actually be from this year, but it looks about that way every year! :)

I went skiing with a friend at the end of finals week...no better way to release some stress!

I took Jack for a couple of walks while home. I think I spoiled him because now whenever he sees me putting my coat and shoes on, he gets really excited and thinks he's coming along! :)

And FINALLY! My New Years party (this was the 7th year of my tradition, already!!!)

Mom's incredible crepes!

My 1st, and surprisingly successful attempt at tiramisu!!

Spinich Dip Bread Bowl

There was A LOT more food than that!! You don't want pictures of all of it though, do you? :) And now, on to the people.....

Little people first :) (Isaiah pushed this chair the entire way across the room and was soooo proud of himself!!! :)

Christian and Luke are wearing the 3-d glasses we had left-over from watching Avatar in the movie theater :) Christian is 6 and Luke is 5 now....where does the time fly???? At my first New Years party, Christian was about 2 months old :( Way to make us feel old, kids! :) haha

Having fun playing the new Super Mario Brothers for Wii :)

Dad and I

Cute group picture :)

And lastly, yesterday I found a good deal on a piano for mom! What does this mean? It means in the next week or so, I'm going to have my grand piano moved into my apartment!!!! Mom and I can't wait to have our 'own pianos' and have the whole thing settled...I do believe between my kitchen and computer and piano, I won't feel the need to leave my apartment much :) (especially in the cold!! )

I do believe that's enough pictures for one post!! I hope you feel caught up now! Happy New Years and God Bless :)