Saturday, October 8, 2011

Snapshots of a Wedding: A great way to return to blogging!

This weekend I am enjoying visiting my cousin Cathy and her family in Ontario. Today was the highlight of the trip: Seeing her oldest daughter Sarah Newton marry Joseph Underwood. Right now is the perfect time NOT to be on vacation. You see, I am behind on accompanying and have many obligations at school. However, for that same reason, it was also the PERFECT time to go! Life passes us by and it never slows down. I wanted to enjoy this opportunity to be with family because I don't know when the next opportunity might come. I rode up from Carlisle PA with my cousin Caleb Bohon and his girlfriend Alyssa Colby. We are also going to enjoy celebrating their Grandpa's (my Uncle Clyde's) 77th birthday tomorrow and eat left-over wedding cake. On Monday we are joining everyone at the lake (including the newly-weds) for Canada's Thanksgiving. And then it will be back to reality for me. I do not have my camera's computer attachment so, you can enjoy pictures when I get back. Suffice to say, the wedding was gorgeous :)