Sunday, August 8, 2010

5K and Pictures!!!!

BRENDA MICHELLE: 5 weeks old, sleeping in the car : )

I'll admit it. I was TOTALLY loving this!!

Mommy's arms....the best place to be :)

Brenda, "Hm, this is a new face!"

Me holding baby Brenda right after finishing my 1st 5k!

YOU think changing diapers stinks....just try being a baby (I think there is probably a good reason we don't remember our infant days! :)

Quiet time with food and Mommy.....ahh

As you can see, yesterday was a very fun-filled day with a very beautiful little baby girl....a little girl that I know my friend has been waiting YEARS for. See, I remember a certain evening about 8 years ago. I met this very nice red-headed girl, about my age, in my college girls dorm. We immediately became fast friends. I had been praying for a close friend ( I only had one or two at the college) and she was praying for a good friend, being a new college freshman.

I have to take just a moment to brag on this friend of mine, Malorie. See, there are NOT a lot of people like her in the world. In the time that I've known her, here are just a FEW of her very note-worthy, and rather interesting accomplishments
1) She took a missions trip (2 I believe) to Bulgaria. Aside from her love for the Lord, she shared this love with the natives in a very sincere, self-sacrificing way. Not once but BOTH TIMES she returned from the country with a practically empty suit-case and the clothes on her back. Was she mugged? NO! Did her luggage get lost in air-port security? NO AGAIN! She had such compassion on these people that she couldn't go home with any of her clothes, feeling too frivolous. She gave them all way. Not only that but she gave her guitar away too! (BOTH TIMES!) The second time people told her she was crazy. She replied that God provided her with a guitar the first time and if He wanted her to have one again, He'd do it again. Sure enough, a mysterious check came in the mail one day, for just enough money to buy the guitar---and the mystery as to how she got this money was never solved....except WE knew!

2) Most girls spend hours shopping for that PERFECT dress for a college-dance. A really talented young lady might even make her own. Malorie beat them all with her amazing DUCK-TAPED dress! That's right, from the dress right down to the purse, it was ALL made of duck-tape. And, it didn't look half bad!

3) The rubber-band ball. This started out as a small project, meant to help her get her mind off some very stressful hard times in her life and occupy her mind and her fingers. It quickly turned into a MASSIVE BALL that can only be rolled around because it's too heavy to pick up. It is held together by nothing other than rubber-bands. She would like to beat the world-record but even if she doesn't, it's still VERY IMPRESSIVE.

4) She is one of the most honest, loving and accepting friends I've ever had. After I helped her through some years of college temptation, she quite literally dragged me back to church when I started to slip from my faith. Her faith in the Lord and desire to please Him and bring others to Him, is what makes her such a special person.

5) And above ALL of these crazy, admirable, interesting things, of which I could add much more (like the hot-red/orange hair-do she let the Bulgarian Gypsies give her :) her newest, tiniest most beautiful and proud accomplishment is bringing Baby Brenda Michelle Scott into the world on July 2nd. For years we have shared in our desire to become mommies and wives. It was such a joy to hold this baby yesterday, give her kisses, introduce her to her new "Aunt Lizzy" :) and see the love and pride in her mother's eyes. You've got to love this little baby---with her curious eyes, her mom and dad's head full of red hair, her sweet little lips and fingers and toes. What's NOT to love?

On a separate note, that last picture didn't really match all of the baby pictures! That was all of the winners of the DeBerry 19th Family Reunion 5K! This was my very first 5K run! I came in 2nd place in my age-group and finished at 34 minutes and 6 seconds! Half of the race was literally up-hill which definitely made things more difficult! But, it was a wonderful experience that I really enjoyed and am looking forward to doing more in the future! I'm very proud of my DeBerry Family Reunion medal that is hanging over my mirror now to remind me every morning to get out and run faster!!! :) I also should mention, for the sake of good sportsmanship, that Malorie's husband Aaron (who is in his early twenties, tall, thin and works out in the Air Force! Won the overall with a 25 minute 10 second record. Congrats Aaron but you better keep runnin' cause I'm catching up with you next year.....mooohaahaaa!!!!!!! :) :)

Hope you all enjoyed the pics and have a wonderful remainder of's too nice to stay inside!!

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Sharon said...

What beautiful pictures. I enjoyed all of them. The stories were great and I am proud of your running success too!

Brenda is beautiful...lets go to the beach and see her!