Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat Wave 2010

I would like to start this post with an opportunity to vote.
1) To get more comments on my site :)
2) Because I'm REALLY CURIOUS!

Which would you prefer?
A) A very cold winter with beautiful snow. Warm blankets and hot coco to keep you warm.
B) A HOT! Summer, like most of us are experiencing this week---with pools and ice cream to cool you down.

I for one vote for summer. I'm amazed at all those people who would prefer the winter....do you remember your cars being stuck in the snow, the decreased amount of day-light hours accompanied by many people suffering depression from lack of sunlight? How about the icy roads, down power-lines from top-heavy trees, chapped lips and hands, that urge to 'go to the movies, go to the mall, go ANYWHERE but wait, you don't want to because you have to put on your boots, hat, gloves, coat, and about 10 other layers. To me, this is a NO BRAINER!!! BUT, I really do want to know what YOU think.

4th of July was fun this year. After an extremely busy morning at church I had a loooong nap (it took me 3 attempts to wake up!) Finally, waking up smelling brownies (which was really WEIRD by the way because nobody was making brownies but I thought my mom might be making some when I got home....and indeed she WAS!!!!! So, upon getting home we had a nice family cook-out. Dad, Mom and I drove to Shinnston to see 'the best fireworks in the area' haha!! They were pretty good...would have been better had we been closer but we enjoyed them just the same. Mom and I spent about 20 minutes sitting in our car in the dark on our back-WV country roads waiting to take pictures of just ONE Firework!! (UNSUCCESSFUL!!!) We saw some great ones, anyways.

Mom and I picked up ice cream and took home for us to have with her brownies. Around midnight I went swimming at my friend Sarah's house---just me and her---in their new pool---with the boys all asleep in bed :) :) Her wonderful husband even warmed up our beach towels in the dryer and delivered them to us!! (It's very cold, even in July when the sun goes down!!!

Today I went to the Wave-Tech Pool in Fairmont with Sarah, Christian, Luke and my Dad. This evening I enjoyed a nice fresh pot-luck dinner my mom made at home and got back to Morgantown just in time to hear a summer piano recital and wish my piano teacher off on his trip to Malaysia.

So often I'm wondering 'who will I marry? when will I marry? What kind of guy do I want to marry? Well, tonight I've decided at least 1 thing. If I could marry a season, it would be SUMMER. Me and Summer (Summer and I!) get along just great :) I would even be willing to 're-locate' to live with Summer....year round. :) Sounds like a happy marriage to me!

-Elizabeth 'MARY' Summer......does not my name say it ALL???!!! :) (a certain blogging friend might be somewhat disturbed at the other memories that come to mind with the adoption of this name :) lets leave the 's' off the end, shall we?!